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6 Amazing Ways to Host a Socially Distant Wedding Ceremony

According to CNBC on April 28, 2021, New York City will lift dining curfews beginning May 3, with outdoor dining curfews lifting on May 17 and indoor dining curfews lifting on May 31. On May 3, curfews for all catered events will be lifted as well. Attendees at the catered event must have proof of vaccination status or recent negative Covid-19 test results.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, catered events at residences can also resume beginning May 3 above the state’s residential gathering limit of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, as long as the events are staffed by a licensed caterer and strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines.

With this new information, the micro wedding is expected to be more popular and busy this year and the following year. This is great news for all wedding vendors, including me, your small wedding photographer!

Even so, throwing an event that feels normal and beautiful can still be difficult, especially with regulations limiting face-to-face seating, using protective screens and face coverings, and social distancing. The industry has embraced this new normal, and on the bright side, it has provided more opportunities to become more creative and trendy. These new ideas will be crucial in convincing future clients that it is still possible to marry amid the pandemic.

In today’s blog, I’ll give couples some amazing ideas for how to have their dream wedding even if their guest list is limited to only 25 people. It would be a success to have a socially distant wedding celebration!


1 | Outdoor Venue

Finding a location that is suitable for both the ceremony and the reception is an excellent idea. An outdoor venue with natural scenery, fresh air, and a backdrop would create a more intimate atmosphere for your small wedding while also saving money on decorations. This will also ensure that your guests keep the proper distance between them. This does not mean you must have an expensive venue; you can have your wedding in your backyard, or if you have relatives or friends who have a beautiful backyard with enough space to accommodate up to 25 people, that would be fantastic!

Also, don’t forget to set up a table near the entrance where guests can sanitize their hands first. A temperature sensor is also recommendable than assigning a person to get each guest’s temperature one by one.

2 | Catering Set-Up

Some couples continue to seek the assistance of caterers. While others prefer to cook their home menu beautifully set up to be more protected. Today,  a buffet is not recommended for a wedding dining experience because it may cause people to lose track of the proper distance between them. A plated meal is served, which is more safe and beautiful plating enhances the taste of the guests, minimizing the guest’s chance of standing and walking around. Beverage, appetizer, and dessert stations are all the same. Having their food and drinks brought to their table will make your guests feel more special. If possible, decorate the table by placing handwritten names of the guests in their designated place. This will make them feel important and valued for coming to your small wedding.

3 | Seating Arrangements

Change the floor plan to make more space for people. This is one of the benefits of having an outdoor venue; aside from the fact that it is not a problem in the open air, it can also provide a large space for your socially distant small wedding. One of the most popular seating styles is the stadium-style, which can be beautifully decorated. This style offers your guests the feeling of being in groups while keeping the chairs spread apart.

4 | Creative Favors

If you’re going to ask guests to wear masks to your wedding, make them fun and comfortable by making masks as a party favor that they can wear all night. Put your hashtag, initials, or wedding date on them to make the masks feel extra special, and fill small wedding bags with personalized hand sanitizer and some of your favorite small local goodies. To avoid the spread of germs, place the wedding favor bag in their designated seat along with a small note reminding them to take care of themselves.

5 | Dance Floor is Still Alive

Yes, indeed! Your crowd can still be alive even if you need to be socially distant from each other. Look for some popular Covid-19 Tiktok dances that take place in socially distant settings. This can make your small wedding so much more fun, unique, and memorable. You can decorate the dance floor with stickers so that people can dance together while keeping a social distance.

6 | Modify the Traditions

The bouquet or garter toss is no longer part of the ceremony today. Instead, one of the most popular options is to give the bridal bouquet to the couple who has been married for the longest time. Also, because we need to maintain a social distance from one another, today’s setting for the couple to express their gratitude to their guests is an air hug and a flying kiss.


Weddings are supposed to be intimate affairs full of hugs and kisses, avoiding face-to-face contact will be difficult, but as we need to protect ourselves first, you and your guests will probably be used to this new normal by the time your wedding day arrives. No hugs, kisses, handshakes, and keeping a safe distance, but the celebration can still be filled with love.

As we all look forward to lifting and becoming fully operational in all types of industries, some of the new trends that were discovered during the pandemic will undoubtedly persist even if we return to more traditional settings. These Covid-19 wedding ideas would further test the creativity of all wedding vendors and couples to make their wedding one-of-a-kind, happy, and memorable.

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April 30, 2021

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