East Coast Weddings: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Device-Free Ceremony

Unplugged weddings are a popular term for a ceremony that takes place without the use of any electronic devices. The unplugged wedding is when you ask your guests to leave their phones, iPads, and other electronic devices off during your wedding ceremony because the wedding details can be uploaded to social media in minutes.

Guests aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the unplugged ceremony. On the big day, no one should be texting, calling, or using social media, including you, your partner, and your bridal party. This will not only help you stay present throughout the day, but it will also help keep the mystery and surprise of your special day intact.

Help your guests in understanding your reasons. Since you hired a professional photographer, there might be some guests who may be wondering why the ceremony should be unplugged. Perhaps you’re worried that camera flashes and reflective smartphone screens will make it difficult for your photographer to capture high-quality images.

To help you, here are the top 5 reasons why you should have a device-free ceremony:

1 | Be Present On the Moment

The main reason for this is that weddings are supposed to be intimate, private, and treasured. Who wants to see the bride walking down the aisle with her back to you because someone is photographing her? Someone is blocking you from hearing the ceremony clearly because it has distracted you.

You’ve been invited to join them in their celebrations, and the couple expects you to be present not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. No one wants their ceremony to be disrupted by a ringing phone or a message notification!

2 | Let the Professional Photographer Do Their Work

You hire a professional photographer and budget for their services to have your images captured perfectly. Because photographs are the most cherished storytellers that you can keep for a lifetime and pass down to your grandchildren!

Make sure your visitors understand what photographers do; yes, they want their photos taken with their phones, but let them know that some factors can affect the lighting, angles, and overall outcome of the images when they use their phones with a photographer on site. 

3 | Conversation Engagement

Instead of looking at their phones, guests can engage in conversation with one another. Assure your guests that your photographer will take plenty of candid shots of everyone, so they won’t have to worry about taking their own photos. A budding friendship may develop when guests are seated at a wedding with people they don’t know and whose only connection to them is their shared relationship with the celebrant!

4 | Happy and Memorable Experience

The couple would be extremely happy to see that everyone is having a good time and participating in the celebrations. The couple would appreciate having an unrestricted conversation with their guests as well as the active participation of the guests. Everybody will keep enjoying and be able to appreciate the moment of the celebrations.

Everyone at the wedding party will have a wonderful, memorable, and enjoyable day as a result. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should savor every moment of it. Allowing your phone to distract you from a single memory is not a good idea. Put it away, and request that your guests do the same!

5 | Have More Space and Privacy

Smartphones can broadcast a small portion of your event to a hundred social media followers! While the event has not yet officially begun, your wedding is now all over the internet, bringing to light the privacy of your intimate and private wedding. Some people enjoy sharing every detail of their lives working on the internet, whereas others are much more private about sharing their lives online. If you are the latter, politely ask the guests not to post any wedding photos online and to keep the photos for themselves.

Another factor is that when people post on social media, there may be some important guests who are supposedly into a private, which they do not want to be seen in social media, and their unintentional actions may have an impact on the private person’s personal life.

Unplugged weddings are requested to avoid this kind of unintentional violation of space and privacy.

Final Words

These top five reasons may be enough to persuade your guests of the importance of an unplugged ceremony. You may choose to have a section of the program where you can suggest that your guests use their phones and cameras to capture memories of the event.

Remember that your celebrations are yours to keep. Enjoy the moment, the lovely atmosphere, the exquisite decorations, and, of course, the presence of your beloved.

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May 18, 2021

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