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Wedding Guide: Top 8 Wedding Trends for 2021 on Long Island New York

The trends will always excite the interest of every industry, with hopes for a better 2021 following last year’s loss due to Covid-19. In terms of weddings, the pandemic was never used to justify reducing wedding trends; rather, it gave them a new look and introduced more interesting elements.

With this brings new elopement, micro-wedding, and wedding ideas, as well as a lovely interest in wedding planning. Although there are many limitations, this does not prevent the creation of new trends and their subsequent success.

Even with this success, the safety of the wedding guests should never be put at risk. Although the number of guests is limited, it results in more intimate and wonderful ideas, which are greatly appreciated, because those who are unable to attend make every effort to be present through the use of the internet.

For today’s blog, I’d like to share the top eight wedding trends for 2021 that I adore and know you will as well!

1 | Minimony vs Micro-wedding

What’s the difference between a Micro-wedding and a Minimony? When Covid-19 limited the wedding events, these two became increasingly popular.

Minimony is a small intimate wedding, a mini ceremony with a small number of guests, usually 10 people only and it is held on your original scheduled date. This will be followed by a wedding attended by the original number of guests as you planned before; it is a “wed now, the party later” concept. Your original plans have been modified to accommodate smaller celebrations.

A micro-wedding, as we all know from before the pandemic, is a small wedding with only 25 to 50 guests, usually for family and close friends. In terms of wedding elements, a micro-wedding is the same as a wedding with 250 invited guests, but with a smaller number of guests. Micro-weddings are distinct from minimony in that they occur only once, with no subsequent wedding celebrations.

As a result of these trends, the focus has shifted to “quality over quantity,” with smaller weddings becoming the most memorable. Couples can spend more money on providing the unique concept for their guests because wedding guest lists are smaller at this time. To accommodate the wedding’s elements, they take advantage of the local vendors. And because of the guest’s safety, creativity was unlimited and concepts became more divergent. 

2 | Weekday’s Best

Weekends are typically reserved for large gatherings, such as weddings. The weekends are the busiest times for vendors. Churches and reception halls fill up quickly if you don’t book ahead of time. This was the scenario before the pandemic, but in 2021, weekdays are emerging as the ideal day to get married.

A weekday wedding may allow a couple to marry at their desired location and with their preferred vendors, and the good news is that local vendors now have many confirmed events, unlike in the past, allowing the couple to travel without boundaries, which previously made a destination wedding popular. Today, 2021 allowed people to show their support for the industry’s professionals, who have been particularly affected by the pandemic. Plus the fact, having a wedding on a weekday can often result in cost savings!

3 | Creative Looks

Many 2021 trends are paving the way for the future. Weddings are looking a little different in 2021 as couples redesign their arrangements due to COVID-19 health concerns and overall style trends continue to change. In keeping with the more positive approach to weddings, we’ll see many more off-the-shoulder bridal styles, such as the traditional shorter above-the-knee dresses. Masks and makeup create an unappealing appearance. As a rise in body temperature will affect your makeup, pressure and sweat can result in makeup smudges on your skin and mask. Pick the perfect bridal mask that feels most comfortable on your skin and interferes the least with your breathing.

We’re seeing colorful suits and tuxedos in dark earth tones like navy blue and forest green for the groom’s 2021 attire.

4 | Customized Local Favors

Since the Covid-19, many local vendors for favors have emerged; vendors from overseas may cause delays in shipping the favors, and many couples are concerned that this may cause major problems on the wedding day. Local suppliers are benefiting greatly now because they are the fastest and easiest way to handle and communicate amid the pandemic.

Wedding favors serve as a thank-you to your guests as well as a tangible memory of your celebrations. In 2021, there are many environmentally friendly wedding favors to choose from, such as hand sanitizer and masks, and many local suppliers are producing these types of favors called “Covid-19 Favors” in a more creative and enticing style.

5 | Stunning Natural Venue

Think outside of the garden and into the woods in 2021, as outdoor weddings are expected to continue to be the best place to celebrate. To make things extra-magical, hold your ceremony and reception in your backyard or a relative’s beautiful garden during golden hour, and wear a statement dress for a unique and stunning combination to your wedding venue. Backyard parties in the life of nature are gaining popularity.

With amazing hanging lights, a stunning natural backdrop, and table centerpieces with elegant and fresh flowers from your garden or a local flower shop, your wedding theme, whether rustic, glamorous, or classic, will undoubtedly wow your guests.

6 | Something Old

We always want to do something personal at any celebration because it reflects our personality on our special day. If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding, gather family heirlooms, antiques, and some pieces to place and add the perfect ambiance and look to your wedding venue. You could also add some broaches from your grandmother to complete your gorgeous look. Your special day will be full of personality and significance.

You could also look for local vendors who sell antique pieces to incorporate into your theme and style; not only will this benefit your community, but it will also save you money.

7 | Lifestyle Photography

Of course! Pictures and a lot of pictures!

Photos will never be out of season, even in the middle of the pandemic, a camera is a powerful tool. When it comes to weddings, whether they are small or large, a photograph is a must! Local photographers will also emerge in 2021. Because more couples choose to have their engagement photos taken in their local community, such as a park or at their home.

Photographers on your wedding day are the best people to capture memories for your grandchildren to see in the future. Those genuine facial expressions, sweet smiles, and unforgettable images captured on your wedding day will be one of your most precious pieces to keep for a lifetime.

8 | Local Registry

Creating a one-of-a-kind wedding registry is one way to spread joy during the pandemic. Expensive gifts are always appreciated, but most couples today would prefer to share their special occasion with those in need. Using your wedding registry to benefit your local community is a one-of-a-kind act of kindness. You’d like to donate to a charitable organization in your community. Most guests would love the idea; it’s a small way for them to give back and share their blessings and desires, which would be even more precious if done on your wedding day!

Let’s Share Positivity

Let us all spread joy by incorporating these new wedding trends! Whatever you choose, your celebrations will be focused solely on you and your future spouse. Your happiness and satisfaction are the most important concerns; create lifetime memories with everyone you care about, whether they are physically present with you or simply by their presence.

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April 25, 2021

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