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We’ve all been to, or a part of, those large weddings with all the trimmings, which were as glorious but perhaps a little overwhelming. With all the trimmings like the live band, the DJ, the chocolate fountain, and a 300 person guest list, it was easy to lose sight of the happy couple in the big crowd.

Smaller weddings mean having more freedom of choice. People are loving the idea of embracing the unique challenges we currently face and finding new, and perhaps improved, way to honor their wedding day vision and say “I do.”

A more intimate gathering of your closest family and friends bring the focus back to why everyone is there: your love and commitment. Instead of a table of ten acquaintances you have to make small talk with, you’ll have the time to enjoy your guests one-on-one.

Fewer guests or a smaller venue, possibly even no venue at all, means that couples are readjusting their budget and investing their funds in different ways. If you and your beloved crave a taste of Italy, maybe import some fine wine for a lavish dessert reception.

Better yet, perhaps you’d like to upgrade to that one gown you fell in love with but passed on because of the price. Reshape your wedding budget into a honeymoon budget and plan an extravagant belated-honeymoon to Italy for your first anniversary. However, you choose to do it, hosting a small event gives you more control over finances. 

Smaller weddings aren’t confined to traditional spaces or tied to specific venues. Have a passion for your spouse and your favorite Sunday spot to grab donuts or gourmet waffles from your favorite food truck? I am here for that, and it makes for fantastic and unique photos!

A more intimate wedding means that you can travel together easily. Some couples bring their vision to a local gazebo in a park, or on a local beach. A friend or family member’s garden can be a very personal way to host your vows. Some couples take some of their previous wedding budget and use it to enhance their backyard, providing them a place to sit and relax at the end of every day in the place where their marriage started.

It’s still very much your day and can reflect your character and vibe. From simple and chic in a rose garden, to rustic and shabby in a friend’s barn, couples small weddings bring the focus to the love and commitment you are sharing. The result is the photos are more intimate, showcasing the people who mean the most to you.

No matter the size or location, your wedding is a grand story! With fewer moving parts and people, smaller weddings can be more relaxed and provide more time to capture fantastic wedding portraits with everyone who attends.

Embrace small! Smaller weddings don’t change the laughter, the joy, or the intimate connection between you both!

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September 1, 2020

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