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Our world is wonderfully digital and gives us the ability to capture some of the most important moments of life as they unfold. However, we often leave those important moments trapped in our phones or on our computers and fail to make copies of them, which we can hold in our hands or hang on our walls.

The cloud is a great place for storage; however, digital media is not always stable. Files, whether stored on a hard drive or in a cloud, are not totally failsafe. It’s a good idea to follow a rule of thirds, keeping important portraits backed up on your computer, to a cloud service, and then print a copy of your images. Maybe you want to pop them inside frames, or even get your scrapbook on; your printing options are endless.

An album is more than a book: it’s a memory keeper. A custom-created album holds within its binding which you are, the love you had, and the important moments of that time in your life. The birth of a child, an important birthday or anniversary, or even just a fabulous album of your family session taken in the fall, it’s all captured there to be enjoyed for generations to come.

A portrait is a portal to your past, a proverbial time machine to a moment where you felt gorgeous, said “I do,” or held your newborn baby (or puppy) for the first time. If you’re relying on digital photo storage, you probably don’t spend a ton of time looking up old photos. Take a wall in your home and turn it into a visual timeline of the moments which have defined you and use those portraits to empower you every day when you walk past them. Future generations will look back on these pictures and be connected to you and your story.

Fine art is wonderful, but the truth is that your love, your life, your connections to the people you love is the finest art you can hang in your home. Portraits of your family actually make for the best kind of décor, immediately sharing your personalities and style with friends and family who visit.

There are countless ways to use your images to produce artwork. From custom photo magnets for your fridge to formal family portraits in a frame over your mantle, portraits can be printed in any size you need. Canvas is another fantastic way to add beautiful texture to your walls and a stunning way to display the portraits that mean the most to you. 

Your mother, grandmother, great-uncle, favorite cousin: they love having printed photographs. Adorning the fridge, in frames in the hallway, friends, and family who live far away love having a constant connection to you through imagery.

Whether you do it for the security, or to tell a story, or just to make your grandparents happy: just do it!  Print those amazing moments, the goofy smiles, and the beauty that is you and the people who mean the most to you. You won’t be sorry you did!

June 17, 2020

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