How To Make Your Small Elopement Intimate And Unforgettable

If you’ve been planning a big celebration for your wedding day this year, then chances are your save-the-date invites are probably either rescheduled or cancelled. The recent pandemic has stopped a lot of couples from hosting grand weddings anytime soon, which is why some couples are now opting for small elopements to officially tie the knot. 

Thinking of having one of your own? Here are a couple of ways you can turn your small elopement into an intimate celebration of love!

1.Invite People You Want there the Most

Surround yourself with the people you both actually want to see in your wedding. A small elopement calls for a short guest list, leaving no room for plus ones and other strangers. There also wouldn’t be much room for old classmates from grade school, distant relatives you’ve never met, or mutual friends you’ve hung out with just a few times.

Narrow it down to the people you want to be part of the special occasion no matter how small the setup is. Invite the people you’d be happy to see when you walk down the aisle.

2. Splurge on Special Wedding Features

With only a few guests to accommodate, you can move the budget around to other parts of the wedding. You can spend more on wedding souvenirs, add more food options to the menu, serve a small yet rich-flavored wedding cake, or double the amount of flowers. Add anything and everything that you think could enhance the experience.

3. Say Your Vows in the Best Place Possible

While destination weddings are on hold for the meantime, you can definitely find a place that can match the small wedding you want. Want to get married in a wide open space like the Rocky Mountains? Go ahead! Looking for something along the lines of a simple backyard wedding? That’s a great option too! The great thing about a small elopement is that you can easily bring along your wedding party with you wherever you choose to go. 

4. Make the Most Out of Every Little Thing

What makes weddings so special aren’t the glitz and glam features that a typical big wedding entails. It’s the essential parts that really matter when you’re celebrating your union. Make your wedding a whole-day event, you have all the time in the world! Take your time with sharing vows, let every guest have a turn at the toast, and share your first dance as a couple for as long as you want. It’s these moments that truly make an elopement all the more romantic. 

5. Capture Every Moment

Your wedding day is a special milestone that just needs to be captured in snapshots. Nothing brings you back to the great memories like good wedding photos. From getting ready candids to formal portraits, it’s keepsakes like these that make intimate events like this seem not so long ago.

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September 8, 2020

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