In The Great Digital Age: Paper Is Still King! | New York Family Photographer

Technology is great. It connects with friends and family around the world in an instant. Often, we can’t wait to share our family portraits on our social media pages and over email, excited to read everyone’s reactions.
However, as exciting as it is those posts fade off the newsfeeds of our loved ones and often become images we just stop seeing. Having said that, if your great Aunt Betsy doesn’t have Instagram, she’d probably appreciate a nice 5×7 in the mail which she can frame instead.
In a fast-paced, digital world, it’s nice to slow down and hold a memory in our hands.
Posting your portraits online is an instant connection to your network which dwindles with the scrolling newsfeed, but a printed image is a timeless connection that never fades from view. Professionally produced images can be artistically presented in a printed coffee table album which can be enjoyed in your home for years to come, instead of just saved on a thumb drive and kept in a drawer.
Curate your own art gallery of love, family, and connection. It can be so hard to choose just one portrait from a session for your home, however, you don’t need to! Annual professional family photos are time capsules that tell the story of your life as it unfolds season after season. From wobbly toddler years to the uneasy braces and awkward hairstyles of middle school, right on through to a confident entrance to adulthood at the end of high school, not only are these moments fleeting, but they fade from our mind’s eye over time.
Families come to me year after year to help stop time, record these moments, and make sure these stages and the growth of your family are captured and treasured.
The great thing about printing your portraits is that your options for preserving these moments are endless. From albums to single portraits, and canvas prints. Large, canvas portraits take your image from tiny pixels on a screen to stunning art where the beauty of the whole image is present. Don’t put a tiny 8×10 of your loved ones on the wall next to your 40 inch TV!
Life can change in an instant, and once it does you can’t always go back and keep it. Beautiful portraits do just that, why would you want to leave floating up in the cloud?
Sometimes we think the electronic form pictures enjoy stable storage and long life. While having images saved on discs or uploaded to the cloud is convenient and commonplace: everything is subject to change. Do you remember floppy disks?
Computers can’t readily read those anymore, so who’s to say that modern stay storage methods won’t be equally as archaic and unreadable in time? On top of that, as any professional photographer can tell you, hard drives and servers do go down and sometimes they take our data with them.
I want to help you show and preserve these memories! Let’s get your loved ones off the cloud and on your walls. Contact me, and we can talk about the many options to showcase your photos.

May 1, 2020

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