How Boudoir Can Change the Way You Look at Yourself | New York Boudoir Photography

I never expected to love boudoir photography as much as I do. When I first started, it seemed like a really fun concept kind of a shoot. Find a cool chick who was willing to get herself all gussied up and put on some cute lingerie and make some awesome photos…who wouldn’t love to do that? But as I began to see what these sessions did for women, I began to understand that these sessions can literally re-wire their brains and how they see themselves. 

We all carry scars, visible and invisible. Those times you got subtle (and not so subtle) comments about your body, they bury themselves into your soul. Even if you’re smart and you know that they shouldn’t bother you, they do. It can take years to unravel that hurt, for that scar to heal. 

Every day in our feeds, we see women with perfect bodies, but what you don’t see are their struggles. When I photograph women in a boudoir session, I hear their struggles. I’ve learned that minimizing their insecurities doesn’t serve them.  What does serve them is by showing them through the lens what others see in them. 

I’ve gone through a weight loss journey recently, and sometimes I see photos of myself and my when I see old photos of myself I have to stop myself from cringing. I have to remember that my friends and family loved me then, and they love me now. And if I look different in 10 years from now, they will love me then, too.  We all need to extend the kind of love people give us to ourselves.

It’s a journey to accept our bodies. From the minute we are told that being pretty matters as a little child, it lodges in our brains, our hearts, and our psyches. 

Consider this quote from actress Charlize Theron:

“[Looks] were never emphasized in the house I was raised in. I don’t think my mom ever said, ‘Isn’t she a pretty girl?’ She’d say, ‘You should hear her sing. You should read this poem she wrote.’ The praise was always about what I’d done, not how I looked.”

Let’s celebrate your journey.  A boudoir session includes makeup so you are camera ready! I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are. 

April 8, 2020

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