Why I Dont Just Sell the Digital Prints

Why I Don’t Just Sell the Digital Prints

So, why don’t I just sell the digital files so you can do whatever you want with them? Because in my experience, that’s not how it works. Sure, I could provide you a digital file and allow you to print it at any place or any time. But do you really think you’re going to print them ever?

The power of photos printed and on your wall.

I believe in the power of photos printed and on your wall. You see, I’m a print photographer, and I photograph for you to enjoy as art in your home. But where do the digitals end up if you don’t print your photos and hang them in your home? They go into a computer or cell phone. And then what happens? A few years later, they get lost in the shuffle. They get deleted by mistake. They don’t exist anymore!

My work is not just about capturing the moment, but also about preserving it. Digital photography is great for many things, but it doesn’t capture moments the same way as film or physical prints do. For example, think about how much time you spend looking at your phone screen each day—do you really want to spend more time staring at a screen instead of looking at something tangible?

I believe photos should be printed and on your wall to be enjoyed by all who pass through your home or office.

The lost shuffle

Where do the digitals end up if you don’t print your photos and hang them in your home? You know what I mean—the ones you take with your phone and then never look at again. Or maybe you save them to Dropbox or Google Drive, but then they’re just sitting there, unappreciated.

Being a print photographer means that I care about every image I take, and that means that I care about getting them out of my camera and into your hands (or onto your walls!). What better way to make sure that happens than by printing them?

An artist eye

I believe in an artist’s eye when displaying artwork in your home and using not just iPhone photos on your walls. What I mean by that is that I want to help you find the perfect piece of art that makes your space feel like a true reflection of who you are.

I want to help curate an environment that’s full of color and feeling, one that draws people into its warmth and beauty, making them feel connected to what’s important about life (and maybe even themselves).

That’s why I don’t just sell the digital prints—I have a passion for helping people create their own personal spaces where they can feel like themselves, and be surrounded by art that makes them happy!

The quality is better on prints

The quality is better on prints than it is on digital files. Digital files are compressed, which means that the image loses some quality when you download it. It may not seem like much, but it’s noticeable if you compare two prints from the same set—one that was printed at home vs one that was printed professionally. You’ll see more detail in the professionally printed print, and it will look sharper and more vibrant than the one printed at home.

You can touch the print

When you get a photo printed, you can actually feel it. You can run your fingers over its surface and feel the texture of the paper and even smell it! That’s something that never happens with a digital file. And while some people might say that this is just an added bonus, I think it’s a huge part of what makes photography worth doing in the first place—to be able to hold something in your hands that comes from another world, from somewhere else entirely.


So if you enjoy having printed images on your wall, and you want to still support me while also getting a good value, I encourage you to buy a collection of your favorite photos. I will spend a lot more time making sure that my work lives up to your expectations than a printer would, and at the same time, I’ll help you build an awesome collection of prints that represent my artistic vision. And in a few years when you want to redecorate or simplify, I’m sure they will hold their original value like any fine piece of art.

May 28, 2022

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