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Make Memories: 7 What NOT to Wear to Your Family Portrait Session 

A family photoshoot is an excellent opportunity to capture images that are full of love and excitement. A successful family portrait session will provide photographs that will be loved for many years to come. It’s a fantastically rewarding field of photography, but it can also be intimidating for newcomers.

When it comes to clothing and styling, it is such a subjective and personal choice; however, there are some broad rules and tips that we are delighted to provide. Also, keep in mind from the start that this isn’t something to get worked up over. Clothing can enhance the appearance of the outcomes, but it won’t make or break your session. It’s all about you and your personalities in this session.

Here are some things you should NOT wear during your family photoshoot:

1 | Wrong Pair of Shoes

Wearing uncomfortably tight shoes that prevent you from moving around during your photoshoot!  Because family sessions typically involve playing, it will be difficult to relax and enjoy your family if you are wearing heels, and there are a few places that require some walking, which would be difficult in heels. If you really want to wear heels, bring something else for the more light-hearted photos and save the heels for a few key shots. Shoes that are plain and dark will never go out of style. If you’re a man or a boy, make sure to wear dark socks if you’re wearing dark shoes. Nothing ruins a portrait like a pair of glaring white socks peeking out from the bottom. 

2 | Think about Theme Rather Than Matching Outfits

While some color harmony is desirable, families should not be overly concerned with matching their attire. If you wish to wear the same hue as someone in your family, choose a different shade to distinguish yourself. Everyone is an individual in the portrait, and their personalities should shine through with the outfits they are wearing. 

3 | Do Not Get Too Formal

You want to look your best for the photos, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. Bow ties and blazers aren’t appropriate for a family photo session because it’s all about having fun and playing games. Dads should avoid wearing slacks and business shirts in particular because they make them appear uncomfortable, and the point is to have fun! When planning your outfit, keep in mind where you’ll be shooting.

4 | Big No to Apparel with Logo and Statement

Avoid wearing apparel with logos, characters, or words. Statement and graphics should be avoided of any kind on your clothing are crucial for photographs. They can be distracting to the eye, as well as indicating that your photos aren’t timeless.

5 | Do Not Wear Loose and Baggy Clothes

If your loved ones can’t be with you, your photos will serve as a reminder of how you look! Loose clothes, which can make you look boxy, are significantly less refined and flattering than fitted apparel. Check your outfit, as well as the fit of your jackets, sweaters, and collared shirts, to ensure that the collar won’t hide your face and the shoulders won’t bunch up when you sit down.

6 | Avoid Large Patterns/ Polka Dots, Florals, Stripes

Neutrals are the way to go! Large patterns, dots, stripes, all these things tend to draw attention and sway the focus of the photo right to the the pattern of this shirt or dress. If everyone is in conflicting patterns, it can really be a mess for your friends and family when viewing. Simple, clean and natural is typically the easiest.

7 | Comfort is a Must-Have

The most crucial consideration is that everyone in the family should dress in a way that makes them feel confident and comfortable. This will aid in the creation of calm and natural photographs that portray the actual personalities of the subjects.  Modern family studio photography frequently involves sitting on the floor, no clothing should restrict movement excessively. You want to appear beautiful, but you don’t want to wear something that makes you feel bad.

September 17, 2021

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