How to Engage Dad in Your Family Session: A Complete Guide

Family photos are a lot of fun, and they can also be very rewarding! However, getting started is frequently difficult. After all, how do you position an entire crowd? How do you communicate with them? How do you take beautiful photographs? And how do you deal with Dads?

There’s a common misconception that Dads dislike photo shoots. For whatever reason, they have a reputation for being dissatisfied and unhappy with working with a professional photographer. Even though it is often tough to persuade Dad, with a little planning and effort, you can persuade Dad to agree to a family session. Taking a family portrait may be fun for both dad and the family, as well as the photographer!

The idea is to focus on playing and having fun rather than posturing. You’ll have a greater chance of persuading your spouse that it’s a good idea if you plan a more activity-based family photoshoot. Plus, towards the end of your photoshoot, everyone will be smiling and remarking on how much fun they had that morning or afternoon.

If posed photographs are important to you, take a couple with your children and then allow them a chance to go around and have fun with dad. These genuine moments make for some of the most beautiful photographs, and they’re also a lot of fun for photographers to capture.

Here’s a cheat sheet for keeping Dad entertained during your family photoshoot!

1 | Dad Loves to Show How Strong They Are!

Take your sneaky adult aside and arrange for a secret signal. Tell him very quietly that when you give the signal, he is to sneak up on the child or children and do something to surprise them. He can scoop and tickle, grab, toss, tug, spin, turn a kid upside down. Anything he wants that’s cuddly and not too much of a wild surprise! The only rule is that he keeps the children facing the camera.

2 | Dad loves to have fun racing!

If there’s one thing that dads great at, it’s playing games and having a good time with their kids. Go ahead and run. Capture them on enjoying a game of hiding & seek if they enjoy being outside or invite the kids to grab dad’s hand and sprint to mom. This is a fantastic picture for active children! You can get some incredible depth of field in this wonderfully prepared portrait.

3 | Dad Loves to Tickle the Kids!

Happy loving young adult dad tickling lovely preschool kid while relaxing on the sofa together, joyful family dad and amusing youngster kid laughing at home while playing a lifestyle game. Laughing together is a great way to bond, and a good sense of humor can help kids become brighter, healthier, and more resilient to challenges. A perfect and genuine laugh to show on images is worth keeping for a long time. 

Dad loves to be protective.

Dad serves as protectors, caregivers, comedians, educators, and piggyback carriers. Love’s circle A more traditional portrait, with everyone facing the camera, can be nice. Encourage dad to take center stage in a family photograph. Have him stand behind his family and ask him to wrap them in a circle of love if he is taller than everyone. Request that he squeezes his family. Tell him to give them all of his love in a single hug. Pay close attention to everyone’s hands when taking posed portraits. 

4 | Dad Loves to Give Airplane Rides!

Have some fun with your father and child as you finish your postures. This implies that younger children will be able to fly! Dad lifts his kid into the air. Airplane rides, It’s impossible not to smile while swinging your youngster in the air. To emphasize the child’s height, I like to get down low and use a wide-angle lens to capture the entire scenario. Prepare to record squeals of excitement; many fathers and children like this activity, and they will treasure having it documented.

Now that you know how to keep Dad engaged throughout a photoshoot, here’s how to get Dad to say YES first!

1 | Bribery !

If it works for the kids, why not for Dad? Tell Dad that if they have their pictures done, they can go watch sports in the pub for an hour or two on their own. Find out what Dad’s want and then use that information to get what you want!

2 | It’s All About the Children!

Tell Dad that the purpose of the Family Session is to capture some updated images of the kids because they have changed so much and won’t be this small forever. He doesn’t have to appear in all of the images; only a few of them. Then, before he realizes it, he’s off the hook and has some lovely images of his children and wife. He’ll thank you and tell you it wasn’t so hard after all.

3 |  Presents!

We agree that Dads aren’t normally the ones who do all of the shopping, but how would it feel to tell them that they could get half or all of their special occasion shopping done in about an hour and it would be the nicest gift you could ever give that person? You might ask Dad to take some photos for a family session as a gift for your upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions!

4 | Tell Them How Significant It Is to You!

This one is a touch tricky, and some could call it playing on his emotions, but it’s also really truthful. Having updated Family Portraits IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU, and when he looks back on your Portraits in 20, 10, or even 5 years, he will realize how valuable it was to record your family at this point in their lives.

I always have a nice time with the Dads because they can take a good laugh. We all know how much Dads love their families, and we also know how important it is for them to have their photos on the wall and look back on family memories.

I always have a nice time with the Dads because they can take a good laugh. We all know how much Dads love their families, and we also know how important it is for them to have their photos on the wall and look back on family memories. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Dad is hesitant to pose for a portrait.

Dad does not like to be photographed…

Few people appreciate having their pictures taken. We used to despise self-portraits because they caught us in the middle of a sentence, with a double chin, or in terrible lighting. This is why having someone who understands what they’re doing, such as a professional photographer, capture your portrait makes a lot of sense. Another excellent quality to seek is someone who knows the discomfort that many people have and can put you at ease. This necessitates prior experience and training, and not everyone is a suitable fit.

Dad thinks it is too much of a hassle…

When the weight of putting everything up, getting everyone ready, and coordinating everything rests on the family, a photo session can quickly turn into a massive stressful time suck. When dealing with a professional, the individual you hire must be capable of handling the process to make it easy for everyone. There’s no reason to try to figure out what everyone is wearing or to dance around to get your kids to smile for the camera. Simply tell to Dad, that is the photographer’s responsibility.

Dad believes it is too expensive…

Hiring a professional photographer who knows what they’re doing and provides a quality service experience will undoubtedly be costly. But how much does it cost? After all, if you bought the camera yourself and invested time/money in photographic education, you would very probably wind up spending more. The amount of effort it takes to study and produce high-quality prints is remarkable, let alone learning how to handle a camera, purchasing lenses, and working out lighting. Hiring someone to accomplish all of that for you ultimately saves you money and a lot of time.

Dad feels he needs to lose ten pounds first…

Dads are sometimes self-conscious about their weight and we all assume that before posing for photos, we should be more fit, tanned, and rested. Posing well can easily lose 10 pounds. Photoshop retouching can also be used to repair any flaws that posing could not resolve. There are parts of the regular retouching process that every final photograph goes through. There will never be a perfect time. And you will never be younger than you are now. So, why wait?

Dad hates cheesy posed shots…

Real expressions are always preferable to keeping a smile for 2 minutes straight, which is why it is critical for a photographer to have expertise and expertise on how to deal specifically with families.  So, if the words “Studio Photographs” make Dad want to escape, remind him that we’ve progressed beyond the 80’s typical photography. Tell Dad that there are photographers out there that hate corny-posed portraits just as much as he does. Show him the photographer’s work and solicit his feedback. You might be shocked at how eager he is to get started.

Final Words

Typically, it is up to Mom to make all of these preparations. Then she has the slightly more difficult challenge of convincing her husband to take part in a family photograph, which he regularly refuses to do. But here’s the most crucial reason why Dads should pose for pictures with their kids and wives: Photographs Matter! 

In many years, they will be all that is left of our life on this planet. While capturing with an iPhone is easy, it is not the same as investing in high-quality camera gear that will not break down in a few years. And who knows, maybe Dad will love the family portrait session.

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June 19, 2021

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