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2021 Wedding Trend Predictions and Thoughts

Wow, looking back at the 2020 Wedding Season, we saw weddings really look different.  however, different does not at all mean they were not GREAT! They were! Now I know many people don’t want to admit this, but I certainly think that a lot of what we saw in the wedding industry for 2020, is actually going to stick around. And why not??? These smaller weddings were actually fantastic! 

Based on what I saw and going forward, these are simply my predictions. I have not backed this up with any real data or the scientific method and they are solely based upon my own research and opinion. That being said, here are my thoughts. 

Dates are very very limited! 

Since many brides canceled early on in 2020 and postponed until 2021, so many dates and venues are already pre booked. Planning a wedding in New York was difficult and almost competitive under normal circumstances, so add this new layer..Yikes. 

However, that being said this is a perfect opportunity to be creative! There are so many out of the box options that can still provide a stunning backdrop for your intimate wedding! If your back yard is not ideal, maybe a friend or relative has one and wouldn’t mind. A hard no on that? AirBNB is a great option. Many hosts do charge an event fee, but it is still relatively lower than your typical larger venue and or catering hall and you can really find some very unique, beautiful locations with plenty of outdoor space and event hosting amenities. Also, State and local parks are available in most areas, you just need to check with the town they are in and see if a permit is required. This is a very affordable option, sometimes even FREE. But again, you have to check with the town, state or county that controls it. 

Since dates are limited – if you are dead set on a Summer wedding and cannot make it happen for 2021, waiting till Summer 2022, is not the worst. Usually frowned upon, I know I know, but to those brides who are newly engaged they might not have another option since 2021 dates were booked up almost a year ago when the pandemic started. Hardly  giving them a chance to book. Some do not have a choice. But, it does allow for more time to save up, and you can have exactly what you want! 

Smaller Weddings/ Elopements – Are Not Going Anywhere 

This one is obviously my favorite trend to be honest. I was a bridesmaid way more times than was necessary and each time it was a big, loud, crazy, dramatic, New York Wedding. Don’t get me wrong, tons of fun! But those type events won’t be happening any time soon. I think the big parties will wait until they can be had and that’s fine too – more reason to celebrate a first anniversary, or a vow renewal. More intimate, shorter guest list events are definitely here to stay for a while! 

Technology In the Wedding Industry 

Live streaming of weddings was never something we really saw pre 2020. You either attended the wedding, or you didn’t, but hopefully still sent that gift lol.  Live streaming actually offers a perfect solution for those who wish to have a smaller, more intimate wedding but have very large extended families and friend groups that live worldwide. Live streaming is very much non intrusive, and does not cause any distraction to those in attendance. This is a great option for couples on a budget, because live streaming can be shared with that 250 guest list your mother wishes to have – but that dance floor will never be overcrowded!

Wedding Vows Now, Party Later 

I saw this start to happen midway during the 2020 Wedding Season. Many couples realized this was not going away anytime soon, and decided to have a ceremony with their absolute inner circle ( if even that) and a more traditional party to come later. I honestly do not know how much this will stick, since after planning one wedding, (even if just a ceremony and small reception) some brides I spoke with after, did ditch the plan for the second party and decided a well deserved trip or money towards a house was more ideal for them at this point. Others decided to do a vow renewal once we are able to gather in groups again. Both ideas seem great, neither is better than the other in this case.  

Decor – Simple, Subtle, Organic – 

Being from New York, the wedding capital, I have seen things that have really gone above and beyond. Whether as a guest or as a vendor. 2020 showed me the power of the DIY and the intricate details to really make the day come together. Because the guest list is now so much smaller, Brides can focus on having different details or ideas that just wouldn’t work for a large group! I have seen amazing florals, table decor that really wow-ed guests. Quirky gimmicks and lots of other options! Small certainly does not have to mean plain and blah! 

So these are just my top 5 observations. Again, I have not based these on any real Science and are solely my own opinion based on experience and some research! Thanks for reading, I am happy to meet with any couple and brainstorm!

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January 21, 2021

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