Break out, Break Free: Boudoir

Break Out, Break Free: Boudoir | New York Boudoir Photographer

Science, and sometimes experience, tells us that breaking out your comfort zone can make you feel anxious or worried, and it often holds us back. Instead of pursuing our dreams, or bucket list items that challenge us, pushing our boundaries, we sometimes settle for security of our comfort zone.

 However, we like to view a comfort zone as a great jumping-off point for embracing risk and empowering yourself. Sure that profile photo on your social media account looks fantastic, but why not step outside of what’s familiar and embrace the endless, self-confidence boosting effects of a boudoir session?

A comfort zone is defined as being the place, or level, at which one feels at ease, without stress or anxiety. It can be scary to leave a space you’ve come to know because it feels familiar and controlled and it can be hard to let that go!

It can be a struggle if we don’t fully see the benefit in doing it. It’s it possible that your comfort zone could be holding your back, lulling you into a state of security and keeping you from trying new things and getting new rewards?

So, what’s wrong with feeling content in your comfort zone? Nothing, honestly, absolutely nothing. The modern lives of women are fraught with pressure and often riddled with the insecurities we are taught to have by the media and the world around us. Our comfort zone might inform us that our distant, slightly out of focus, aged, current headshot is good enough. But by staying in our comfort zone we’re sometimes settling for good enough, and don’t we deserve to be a little extra?

When we stay in that comfort zone it’s hard to be seen as the daring, adventurous, sexy woman who allowed themselves to be creative and innovative and see themselves in a new bold light.

The truth is empowerment is part courage and part curiosity. Those first steps towards something new feel uncertain and even awkward, but that’s what growth always feels like. When we’re kids we know this feeling well and we often run full tilt into it, excited for the next stage or next phase of our life. As we age, we can rely on the safety of our comfort zone and becomes complacent.

The first step towards breaking out your comfort zone is setting a new challenge, like a boudoir session, and then setting healthy boundaries on just how adventurous you want to be, and then leaving any insecurities in that comfort zone and get ready to rock something new.

Breaking out your comfort zone can feel … awesome. Okay, it can also be a little terrifying, especially if we’re talking about creating amazing, stunning portraiture of your sexiest, most empowered self, because hey: that’s not something we do every day, right? In fact, that’s something we rarely do for ourselves. It can be hard to take a chance, especially when you’re trying something new, so you have to use that little bit of stress and anxiety you might be feeling as a catalyst for growth.

Moving through unfamiliar territories, like a boudoir session, can help us see ourselves in a new light. The portraits created can reflect us as the women we stepped up to be: empowered, fierce, bold and fabulous. Will staying in your comfort zone do that for you?

March 17, 2020

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