Why Your Wedding Needs a Timeline

April 3, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. With so many details to consider and emotions running high, it’s crucial to have a solid plan in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. One of the most important elements of a successful wedding is a well-crafted timeline. In […]

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How to legally get married in New York

Your Guide to Getting Legally Married in New York State: Everything You Need to Know

January 20, 2022

What You Legally Need to do in order to Get Married in New York State Getting married in New York State is pretty standard, and no real hurdles need to be jumped through. Just a few logistics and paperwork. Now, let’s you get a marriage license!  A couple should know that everything needs to be […]

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3 Ways to Succeed at Wedding Planning When Everyone is Telling You What to Do

January 19, 2022

You’re getting married! It’s a dream come true and you should feel nothing but happy, right? If you’re anything like me, or any of my friends who are married or engaged, the answer is no. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed or ready to throw in the towel. But it doesn’t have to be that way! […]

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The Top 7 Things to Do Right After You Get Engaged!

January 2, 2022

Yay!!!! You’re now officially engaged and ready to live a lifetime with each other.  Being engaged is a new step that you are looking forward to, a future with a great companion. For sure, you want to celebrate that moment every day if possible, and thinking of organizing a wedding can be extremely overwhelming.  So, […]

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